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March 28, 2017

10 Must-Watch Ted Talks for the Confused Souls

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Ted Talks

At some point in life, we all are confused. We don’t know which direction to take? Our decision making process is haphazard and we are never quite happy with what we do. If you ever thought you are the confused soul and everyone around you has life chalked out, then think again. We all go through this phase and there is nothing to panic about. These inspirational Ted Talks is just what you need to watch to once in a while.

#10 Why you will fail to have a career- Larry smith

Larry smith in his humorous and blunt talk tries to puncher the absurd excuses people give when they fail to pursue their own passion. Smith feels the greatest excuse people give is that great careers are matter of luck and those who pursue these careers must be a genius.

#9 Are you human?- Ze Frank

Ze Frank’s emotional and funny talk is about Ze’s hypothetical questions towards humanity.

#8 Before I die I want… – Candy Chang

This talk is a public artwork that invites passer to come up with their wishes.

#7 Be an artist, right now!- Young-ha Kim

In this talk, Young gives reason why people should do art and every child is an inborn artist.

#6 The power of time off- Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan talks about why a time off is beneficial and what is the true essence of taking time off.

#5 Don’t Regret Regret – Kathryn Schulz

Kathryn uses her own tattoos as an example to explain why we must embrace our regrets. There is nothing to ashamed about the mistakes we make in life.

#4 How to make hard choices -Ruth Chang

Ruth discusses how to make choices between jobs or partners or having children. When the right and wrong disappear then we inherit the power to reason and become the distinctive people we are.

#3 Embrace the Near Win -Sarah Lewis

Completion is a goal, but we hope it is never the end.” The historian artist Sarah explains what she means and bring us to the varsity of the archery practice in Columbia university.

#2 The psychology of your future self – Dan Gilbert

Gilbert’s talk is about how we make choices to satisfy our present self and we feel that we will be the same in the future as we are right now.

#1 Why some of us don’t have one true calling – Emilie Wapnick

This is an emotional talk and words can’t explain why you must watch this talk.

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