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May 30, 2016

10 Movie Plots Explained In A Tweet

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Movie plots explained In a Tweet-Frozen

There are times when we don’t watch a movie for a reason but we are equally curious to read about its plot. Wikipedia and IMDB are there to solve that problem but sometimes we are not in the mood to read the entire page. How about if movie plot was explained in just one tweet? Here is the list of some of our favorite blockbuster movie plots explained in a tweet.

#10 Well, that’s a different view

#9 *Mind blown*



 #8 Basically

#7  Factually accurate.



#6 Where is the lie?

#5  Childhood ruined?



#4 Childhood ruined yet again

#3  Pretty accurate way .

#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly An Evil bald guy tried to kill the same kid for 7 years and still didn’t. pic.twitter.com/p5LQZ6d67w — HARRY POTTER FACTS (@TheHPFacts) December 14, 2015

#2 Essentially

#1 Movie plots explained in a Tweet like a boss!

A few people complain that the 140 characters limit on Twitter is too less. But apparently, the limit is just enough to be able to explain the plot of a movie.

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