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June 5, 2016

10 Most Creative Ads Ever Made

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Creative Ads: King Khalib Foundation

Advertisements at times can be really annoying, but if given the right time and the required professional touch they come out to be brilliant pieces of art. Some of them are witty and are bound to make us laugh others are cleverly intended puns that make us think for some time and then there are others that play with our emotions. We bring to you a list of such most creative ads that have ever been made that will make you look at them twice.

Maybe if more good advertisements like these were published we wouldn’t hate them so much, Have a look.

#1 WWF

World Wildlife Fund(WWF) is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of humanity’s footprint on the environment. It released this advertisement to spread awareness amongst people about the endangered species in our environment. The focus here was on sharks and the innovative idea involved made it one of the most creative ads ever made.

Creative Ads - WWF

#2 King Khalib Foundation: Some things cannot be covered

King Khalib Foundation is a charitable organization of Saudi Arabia. In this popular advertisement, it propagates the idea to stop violence against women. Below the image ran the slogan in Arabic, “Some things can’t be covered”, and a list of phone numbers for local domestic abuse shelters. In a culture that tends to turn a blind eye to the issue of violence towards women, it was a shocking and powerful image.


#3 Colgate

Colgate’s advertisement for its product dental floss is one of its kind. It’s one of the creative ads campaign that uses Photoshop to prove a point — the importance of dental floss. I thought it was clever and thought you might too. Here’s one of the photos.


#4 Volkswagen

Volkswagen cleverly depicts the idea of precision parking with its park assist system with its most creative ads. The selected print advertisement by Volkswagen carries the tagline: Precision Parking, talking about how Volkswagen cars nowadays have precision parking assist. In the advertisement, its trying to prove that the park assist offered by Volkswagen is very accurate.

Creative Ads: Volkswagon

#5  Playboy

When we come across creative ads, they tend to register in our mind and that makes the brand win the game of market competition. Playboy comes up with this famous advertisement on its 31st anniversary that made an impact on people’s mind.

Playboy#6 Mom’s demand action

‘Mom’s demand action’ a campaign started in the United States of America was against no ban on assault weapons raising issues of safety concerns. They conveyed their message through interesting ads in a rather creative manner.

Mom Demand's Attention

#7 ChupaChups

ChupaChups advertises it’s sugar-free lollipops in rather a hilarious manner. Even ants are not attracted to them. Isn’t that idea amazing!!

Chupa Chups

#8 Fedex

Fedex clears depicts its idea of being anywhere, everywhere through this brilliant advertisement making it one of the most creative ads ever made.


#9 The Economist

The Economist placed a bill board with sensors such that when a person walks by it the bulb lights up. Indicating that The Economist lights up ideas.

The Economist

#10  Band-Aid

Band-Aid through its popular advertisement shows that even superheroes cannot help but use it when they are hurt.


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