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May 3, 2017

10 Mean Girls We Love on TV

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Every TV show needs a good, old-fashioned mean girl to keep the show interesting. These drama queens keep the audience glued to the shows by bringing twists and turns in the tales. You can love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. It is quite interesting that most of them are loved immensely by the audience. Here is a list of ten mean girls we love to hate or hate to love:

#10 Valerie Malone- Beverly Hills, 90210

The ultimate 90s mean girl Valarie Malone (Tiffani Thiessen) first appeared in season 5. As Brenda left the city, Val took her mean girl spot and proved to be a bigger mean girl. She had the talent of using her innocent face to conceal her wild personality and was proud of it. While she developed into a mature lady, we did love the mean side of her.

#9 Eleanor Henstridge- The Royals

Eleanor Henstridge (Alexandra Park) is a classic example of the mean girl with a heart of gold. This royal mean girl is a party animal, but beneath her wild facade, she is a lost and lonely girl. Eleanor is generally mean to her mother at the same time caring towards her brother.

#8 Santana Lopez- Glee

Santana (Naya Rivera) is the girl whom fans love to hate. She dethroned her best friend to claim the head cheerleader spot, forced a classmate to do what she wants i.e. to hurt another classmate. Though it was disclosed later that she was mean to conceal her vulnerability, we loved her softer and romantic personality as well.

#7 Summer Roberts- The OC

She is probably the most adorable mean girl in the list. Fans know how mean Summer (Rachel Bilson) was towards her love interest Seth Cohen(Adam Broady). Nevertheless, being mean was her twisted way to love him. As the show proceeded, she shredded her mean personality; and bloomed into a mature woman.

#6 Alison DiLaurentis- Pretty Little Liars

Alison DiLaurentis portrayed by Sasha Pieterse is not only mean but scary too. Alison played dead for years and terrified her four best friends by blackmailing them. She shamelessly used their filthy secrets to manipulate them. We definitely do not want someone as conniving as her to be our enemy.

#5 Victoria Grayson- Revenge

Victoria Grayson portrayed brilliantly by Madeleine Stowe, took being mean to a scary level. She is ruthless and won’t literally stop at nothing to shield her children from trouble. It was sometimes a tough choice not to be in love with her mean games and fabricated lies. This beautiful yet manipulative woman even manipulated the fans to love her ruthless cunning personality.

#4 Brooke Davis- One Tree Hill

Rich and spoilt; Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) was the diva of the show. She can be the meanest of the enemies or the sweetest of the friends. If you choose to be her rival; beware! She will probably punch your face or vandalize your property while looking dazzling.

#3 Katherine Pierce- The Vampire Diaries

Kathrine Pierce played by Nina Dobrev is a skillful mean girl. Why won’t she be? After all, she has practiced it for centuries. This vampire mean girl stole hearts by manipulating, turning and killing numerous people with her fangs or sarcasm. Her carefree and selfish attitude gives a new meaning to be a girl. And, she’s the hottest vampire ever.

#2 Chanel Oberlin- Scream Queens

This blonde beauty is Queen of a sorority named Kappa Kappa Tau. Chanel (Emma Watson) is a proficient liar, expert manipulator and she never feels bad for her action. Moreover, she can scare you to your death with her killer glares. Sometimes fans even question, who is the bigger baddie of the show? The psycho serial killer or Chanel.

#1 Blair Waldorf- Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester is the meanest among the mean girls. Queen Bee of New York City is skilled in scheming and manipulating. This gorgeous woman is ferociously protective of the people she loves, but if you mess with her, she will definitely banish you. That is what happened to those poor girls, who dared to pick Blair as a foe.

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