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November 15, 2016

10 Lesser Known Batman Facts

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Facts about batman

Batman is the most popular and adored superhero in the world. Unlike other superheroes, he has a darker side. His traumatic childhood made him mentally strong to become a superhero. Batman, on his own, has no superpower like Spiderman or Superman. While there is a lot known about Batman, we bet these Batman facts will come as a surprise to you.

#1 Bob Kane is not the Solo Creator of Batman

We all know the man who created Batman is Bob Kane. But, he alone didn’t come up with the idea of The Dark Knight. Bill Finger was the co-creator and he is the man behind the costume and most of the characters in this comic series. However, Bill Finger did not get as much credit as Bob Kane.

#2 Reason behind Gotham City

Batman was supposed to be a New Yorker. Later the writers decided an imaginary city will be better for the dark story line of the comic. Thus, they created ‘Gotham.’

#3 Batman is a city in Turkey

Gotham is actually a name of a small town, which is located in Nottinghamshire, England. Even, Batman does exist. Only it’s not a person, but the name of a city in Turkey. The mayor of the city almost sued Nolan and Warner Bros for using the name without permission.

#4 Black Paper Was Used to Illuminate Gloomy Aura

The animated series of Batman looked too dark comparing to other animations. Because it was used to illustrate on black papers rather than white papers to maintain the gloomy aura.

#5  You can Earn a degree in Batman

Want a degree on Batman? There’s a good news for the Batman lovers. The University of Victoria in British Columbia actually offers a degree in the science of Batman. The course description says, ” The extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the life of the Caped Crusader.”

#6 What’s in the name?

We all know the name of the man behind the Bat mask is Bruce Wayne. But did you know where this name comes from? The name is inspired from two real life heroes. He was named after the national hero of Scotland, Robert the Bruce and an American Revolution hero, Anthony Wayne.

#7 Batman Inspiration

Batman was inspired by three popular fictional characters. Zorro, The Shadow and Count Dracula.

Count Dracula

#8 Did you know Murciélago means Bat?

How many of you wanted to drive the lustrous Lamborghini driven by Bruce Owen in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy? It was a Lamborghini- Murciélago. In Spanish Murciélago translates to Bat.

#9 Batmobile or Alien Ship?

A drunk driver crashed his car into the Batmobile while filming “Batman Begins”. He was under the impression that the world is under alien attack and the Batmobile is a spacecraft.

#10  Batman is the most dangerous man on Earth!

Although Batman had no superpower, according to Superman, Batman is “the most dangerous man on Earth”. Batman is considered the greatest martial artist of DC universe and world’s greatest detective who has the ability to tolerate immense physical pain.

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