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May 8, 2016

10 Kinda Weird Things We All Do – But Would Never Accept

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Pretend to be Busy

There are definitely a few things that we all do randomly that might turn out really weird and embarrassing. So much so that we deny to accept it. But let us tell you, You Are Not Alone. Here, are a list of 10 kinda weird habits we all have.

#1 The “sniff” test

We have all at one point or the other worried how we smell. You smell something strange and worry if it’s you? So you quietly just lift your arm and take a quick sniff. It usually happens when you cannot remember whether you used your deodorant that day or not.

#2 Use Facebook’s ‘View As’ option to see how your profile looks to your crush.

Admit it or not we have all done that, to make sure our profile looks good enough just in case our crush checks us out.

#3 Pick our nose

Picking our nose is something we all do when no one’s around and yet make faces at people whom we catch picking their nose.

#4 Count our sleep

We have all counted how much we’d actually sleep before going to sleep. The exact hours and even minutes. Well, sleep is precious.

#5 Tucking your feet under the blanket

Because it actually feels safe, doesn’t it? No one wants a monster (even if we know they don’t exist) to grab us by our feet and drag us with them.

#7 Have imaginary arguments in your head

Well, on the brighter side, you always win.

#8 Walk around the house when you are on a long phone call

A long phone call demands a few trips from your bedroom through the living room to the kitchen and then back to the bedroom. At least you get some exercise.

#9 Pretend that you are texting when you are waiting for someone.

No one likes those stares, so why not pretend that we are so busy texting about super-important stuff!

#10 And, finally you would not admit to being related to nearly all the items on the list

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