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September 6, 2016

10 Kickass Self-defence Tips To ALWAYS Remember!

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Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen anytime. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared for every situation. Physical attacks, molestation cases on streets, mugging, etc. are common incidents against which we must buckle ourselves up. We must not chicken out when placed under such circumstances. It is important to have the right presence of mind under such daunting situations otherwise very serious injuries and scars for lifetimes can remain behind. Is this want you want? Definitely not! You need not be Sylvester Stallone or John Cena or some famous female wrestler to handle attacks boldly. You can be ‘you’ and yet break  bones of the miscreants.

Here are some extremely handy self-defense tips to make proper use of:

 #1 Use of nails to scratch faces or ears

Nails are great weapons to come out of a dangerous situation. Just scratch very hard the face and ears of the attacker and run as fast as you can. Make sure you hurt his eyes, nose first and then his ears. Hurting the eyes would blind him with pain for some time in which you can run for help.

#2 Keep electronic tasers and pepper sprays when going out

Electronic tasers and pepper sprays are great lethal weapons which can paralyze the attacker for some time in which you can run to a place of safety. Also, keep the tasers and sprays in those compartments of bags which are easily accessible. Don’t flounder searching it while the attacker comes to attack you.

#3 Once inside the car, drive off immediately

Many women and men are seen sitting inside their cars and talking on phones. This habit can cost you your life. Attackers may be lingering in the shadows, waiting for you to come so that they can attack. Therefore, as soon as you are in your car, instead of waiting and talking, immediately take off.

#4 Hide your valuable in hygiene pad covers

This is an extraordinary idea which every girl can make use of. Hide your ATMs, Credit cards, some money inside the flaps of those covers. No one will suspect of finding anything there. The attacker can steal whatever is visible to him while all your valuables will be safe inside those covers.

#5 Toss your wallet in the opposite direction and run

When mugged, never hand the wallet to the thief. Always toss it far away in the opposite direction and run. Chances are that the thief won’t follow you. He or she will run to get the wallet while you must run like Usain Bolt to save your life.

#6 When thrown in a trunk, kick out the back tail light and signal danger to the coming cars

Once thrown in the trunk of a vehicle, there isn’t much you can do except kicking off the back tail light, sticking your hand out and alerting other drivers or the coming cars. This trick can help you from some very serious mishap. Always keep this trick in mind.

#7 When alone with a person in an elevator, hit all the buttons

If you wish to prevent any misbehavior by the person standing next to you in an elevator, you must press all the buttons so that the elevator opens on every floor. In this way in case of any molestation, you can run out of the elevator which will open on every floor. Doing this will also discourage the other person from attempting any heinous crime.

#8 Use the heel of the palm to punch the nose and also kick on the knees

Nose and knees are weak zones in a body. Attacking them can save you from getting hurt by the molester. Always use to palm to hit on his nose and try hitting the nose with full force. The same goes for the knees. A kick on the knees will make the attacker fall or bend while you can run away to some safety place.

#9 Slap the attacker’s ears with force

Ears are soft-spots. Slapping them vigorously can help you in hurting your attacker well who would then be wailing in pain while you can run away or call for help.

#10 Always tuck your hair into the back of your outfit

The attacker can always pull your pony tail and hit you hard. While walking alone, always keep your hair open and well-tucked into the back of your outfit so that there is no scope of being pulled by hair. Don’t give your attacker the advantage of using for pony tail for grip.   

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