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August 17, 2016

10 Inventors Who Died From Their Own Inventions

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The world we live in, thrives on newer inventions and technologies. Necessity is the mother of invention, and inventors give life to newer inventions. We owe much to these inventors, for the luxuriously convenient lives we live. What, then, happened to these inventors? Many of them were recognized for their works and were given great awards and positions. However, there are a few inventors who, by accident, succumbed to their end because of their own inventions. Who were these inventors?

#1 Marie Curie
Marie Curie is distinguished as the co-discoverer of elements radium and polonium, along with the process of Radium isolation. She was so engrossed with her research material that exposure to the radiation caused her death. Poor Lady! She, unfortunately, did not live to see the benefits of her discoveries.

#2 Wan Hu
Like most of us, Wan Hu dreamt of traveling to the moon. However, the means he undertook to achieve this dream were unintelligent, as he attached 47 rockets to a special chair. Naturally, as one might expect, the so-called ‘rockets’ merely exploded when lighted up and *poof* went his dream along with his rockets.

#3 Li Si
Ancient China practiced the Five Pains Punishment which was meted out by the legal system. While its origin is uncertain, it is thought that Li Si was the creative mind behind this effective means of torture. Ironically, he was charged with criminal offenses and was subjected to death by his own method of torture. Had he known his fate, he would have kept his Five Pains idea to himself.

#4 Thomas Midgley Jr.
A mechanical engineer and chemist, Thomas Midgley Jr. invented a support device to help lift his disabled body from his bed. This device was the predecessor of the current device to help polio patients, and included an elaborate system of ropes and strings. Alas, this device brought on his tragic death when he strangulated himself on the device.

#5 Alexander Bogdanov
Bogdanov was first to experiment with blood transfusion. While this reveals his mastery in the science of bloods, he subjected himself to tragedy when he administered the blood of a malaria and TB patient on himself.

#6 Henry Winstanley
The English engineer Winstanley, had an artistic side as a painter, that helped him to design the first Eddystone lighthouse. It is rightly said, ‘Confidence is good, not over confidence,’ as he was too confident in this instrument of death. On a stormy night, he wished to prove his lighthouse by staying in it through the storm. Unable to withstand the gales of the storm, the lighthouse crumbled along with Winstanley, on the shore.

#7 William Bullock
The web rotary printing press proved to be an instrument of chaos to its inventor Bullock when he had his foot stuck in it. His mutilated foot developed gangrene and resulted in his death when he attempted amputation.

#8 Otto Lilienthal
Today, we all enjoy the adventurous sport of hand gliding. However, after several successful flights up to 820 feet, its first rider – ‘Glider king’ Otto Lilienthal, fell to his death from a height of 50 feet and broke his neck.

#9 Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier
A pioneer of aviation, de Rozier invented a simple device to fly across distances – the hot air balloon. Call it fate or bad luck, he died in his attempt to fly across the English Channel when his invention failed him and crashed.

#10 Sieur Freminet
The impossibility of breathing under water inspired Freminet to invent the oxygen cylinder – it involved recycling exhaled air from inside the barrel. Freminet died in his own invention from a lack of oxygen.

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