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April 26, 2017

10 Hollywood Celebrities with Hindi Tattoos

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The connection of West with India has always been quite evident, with directors shooting movies in the country to celebrities visiting India on vacation. As observed, slowly the new uptrend is of the fascination with language Hindi or its script Devnagiri. Many Hollywood or for that matter Bollywood celebs have been spotted with their skins inked in the national language. With shloks to symbols, everything can be witnessed adorning celebrities’ bodies. We bring up on your screens 10 such Hollywood celebs:

#1 Miley Cyrus
The 23year old teen pop sensation, singer, writer and actress got the tattoo “AUM” inked on her left wrist. The tattoo signifies divine energy.

#2 Jessica Alba
The hit Series, Fantastic Four actress got the word Padma tattoo-ed on her right wrist. The tattoo is believed to be her inspiration from the flower lotus that provides and resembles the physical illustration of a human soul.

 #3 Katy Perry
Katy and Russel got together a couple tattoo during their visit to India on the occasion of their wedding, the tattoo ‘anuugacchatu pravaha’ denotes the motto to ‘go with the flow’.

 #4 Russel Brand
Russel has a similar tattoo as ex-wife Katy on his inner right arm. The tattoo is originally written in Sanskrit.

#5 David Bechkam
David Beckham, ace footballer got the name of his beautiful wife Victoria inked on his left arm in the script Devnagiri as a symbol of his love to her. The tattoo is quite a foreigner version of Saif getting ‘Kareena’, the name of his wife written on the same place as David.

 #6 Tomy Lee
The 53 year old rock musician and initiator of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, got an ‘AUM” tattoo on his lower stomach. It is probably the biggest ever AUM tattoo spotted on a Hollywood celeb.

#7 Adam Levine
This heartthrob and Lead Maroon5 singer carries several tattoos on his body including the word ‘ Tapas’, meaning meditation, on his chest.

#8 Vanessa Hudgens
This High School Musical Fame has the most interesting AUM tattoo ever seen, with the Sanskrit meditation energy sound being broken into two halves covering both her hands.

#9 Brittany Snow
Talented American actress and singer has the word ‘ABHAY’ inked on her right foot’s ankle. The tattoo implies ‘fearless’ one of the biggest motivation for the star.

#10 Rihanna
The famous singer has verse from the holy book, Bhagvad Gita inked on her side tummy. The singer also got in a lot of trouble when the tattoo was proclaimed to be spelt wrong. The tattoo emphasizes 4 words: forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control.

Featured Image Source: https://in.pinterest.com

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