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March 4, 2016

10 Flight mysteries that’ll make your head spin!

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One of the most common and beautiful dream a child has is to be able to fly like the birds and get lost in the world. For many, it comes true, including the ‘getting lost’ part, though it may not turn out to be as romantic as you’d expect it to be. Let’s look at the top 10 flight mysteries that made heads swirl and hearts cry, of people all over the world.

#10 Egypt Air Flight 990- October 31, 1999

Although the wreckage of this Cairo bound plane was found soon after it crashed into the Atlantic ocean, the circumstances which caused the plane to crash is what raised eyebrows worldwide.
The investigations by the US and Egypt differed in conclusion with the US investigators claiming the flight’s co-pilot crashed on purpose.


Egypt Air Flight 990

#9 Air France Flight 447 – June 1, 2009

This commercial flight never completed it’s trip from Rio to Paris. Evidence from the recovered Black Box suggested that ice-crystals disrupted the auto-pilot feature which caused the pilots to stall the plane which eventually led to the crash.


Air France Flight 447

#8 Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 – March 16, 1972

This flight was supposed to take the troops back home from the battlefield. Somewhere between Guam and Manila, radio contact with the plane was lost and the flight was never recovered. All 107 passengers aboard were declared missing and presumed dead.


Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

#7 Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 – October 13, 1972

This Uruguay to Chile Flight was brought down when it clipped a mountain on the Andes. This incident is also known as the Andes flight disaster. The flight had 45 people on board including a rugby team, their friends and associates. For more than 2 months the plane’s location remained a mystery. Two passengers journeyed on foot through the treacherous Andes mountains to find civilization and saved the lives of the rest of the survivors. The incident was made into a movie called Alive in 1993.


Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

#6 TWA Flight 800 – July 17, 1996

This Boeing aircraft exploded mid-air and plummeted into the Atlantic causing the death of everyone onboard. For four years, investigators could not come up with a reason for the crash which fueled conspiracy theories regarding the crash. The cause was ultimately determined to be a short circuit that caused the fuel pipeline to explode.


TWA Flight 800

#5 Lady Be Good – April 4, 1943

When this American bomber plane was nowhere to be found after it lost communications on its way back from Libya, it was given up as a lost cause. But it turned out that the plane had crashed in North Africa and eight men survived the crash but the cruel desert conditions finally claimed their lives. The wreckage of the plane was discovered fifteen years later.


Lady Be Good

#4 Helios Flight 522 – August 14, 2005

This is one of the craziest crashes in history. Midway through its journey from Cyprus to Greece  this flight stopped responding to radio transmissions. Two F-16 fighter aircrafts were sent to intercept the plane and the pilots of the Fi-16’s were horrified to see a vacated captain’s seat and a dead co-pilot. The plane was escorted to its unavoidable crash and later it was found out that a pressure failure had caused the death of everyone on-board even before the crash.


Helios Flight 522

#3 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – March 8, 2014

The Boeing 777 flight never completed its journey from Malaysia to China. No distress calls were made by the crew and the plane seemingly disappeared an hour into its course. The incident garnered worldwide coverage and rescue efforts because of  its glaring nature.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

#2 Amelia Earhart – July 2, 1937

Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the world in 1937 . On her approach to Howland Island, she informed through radio that she was low on fuel and unaware of her exact location. Shortly after, all contact was lost, therefore she and her co-pilot were assumed dead. Though people still speculate whether she lived out the rest of her life on an island, or if she was a spy.


Amelia Earhart


#1 Flight 19 – December 5,1945

On this day, five bomber planes were out on a routine training run in an area called the “Bermuda Triangle”. While the planes were in this area, they claimed that their compasses had malfunctioned and soon, the radio chatter diminished completely and all five planes were lost, never to be found again. But what baffles people the most is that the rescue plane that was sent to find the fate of the bombers, also went missing in the Bermuda Triangle.


Flight 19

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