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December 27, 2016

10 Fashion Trends We Should Bid Adieu

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2016 was an amazing year for Fashion lovers. the reincarnation of 90s fashion changed the game and how! The popularity of crops tops, skinny jeans and palazzo pants proved they are here to stay. And we’re definitely not ready to say goodbye to off shoulder and cold shoulder outfits. And hope the new found love for fringed outfits and bags will live for a long time. Also, we fall for plaids once again. While some of the fashion trends made the world more stylish, some of them were hideous and hope they won’t survive long. Check out the fashion fails that we don’t want to repeat this year.

#1 Overly Distressed Jeans

We’re in love with ripped jeans. It’s perfect for the boho chick look we desire. Ripped jeans make us look extremely stylish but in a carefree way. Our love for ripped jeans will never be faded. But, that cannot be said about overly ripped jeans. It does not look boho, it does not look carefree, and it does not even look stylish. It looks something alien-ish.

#2 Excessively Thick Choker Necklaces

The choker necklaces are definitely here to steal, save, and slay the game of fashion. Ask the fashion lovers all around the world; they’re simply in love with choker necklaces. The thin necklace around your neck elevates your look to a whole new level. Thin chokers are just prettier in every way than big choker necklaces that actually look like they can choke us to death.

#3 Septum Piercing

Piercing has become overly popular over the years. Fashionistas from all over the world are slaying body piercing. The trend is rebelliously cool. But, can it be said about septum piercing as well? I find it plain scary and weird.

#4 Half-Shaved Hair

You’re not Cressida from The Hunger Games. And you (thankfully) don’t live in Panem. The only thing that crosses our mind seeing a half shaved head, is where did the other half go? Just save your hair and don’t shave it because it’s cool, because it’s not.

#5 Wearing Jacket Halfway

Thanks to the Kardashians, the Jenners and the Hadids this fashion is going hot now. They make it look super stylish. But, you’ve to trust me in this case. In real life, you are going to find it uncomfortable and annoying as well. Let me tell you the not-so-comfortable part of this visibly OTT trend.

  • Holding a handbag becomes a critical act of balancing
  • Taking a sling bag is literally impossible
  • Forget about carrying a backpack
  • Opening doors – good luck with the struggle
  • Try drinking coffee or any other drinks if you can grow a third hand

I can write a whole article on what you will find uncomfortable while wearing jacket halfway. So, if you’re a really big fan of this fashionable but not so comfortable trend, my advice is; do it while taking photos, take as many pictures as you want then wear it normally.

#6 Wearing Jacket As A Cape

This one is another extremely elegant but not so comfy trend. I was and still am in love with it. Nevertheless, you should know what can go wrong here. The jacket will keep slipping from your shoulder, does not matter how great the fit is. If you get careless, it can slip from your shoulder and land on the road. Are you ready to let your wonderful jacket to collect dirt? Does it worth the risk? If you ask me, I will say no, my jacket does not deserve this pain. If you love this trend as much as I do, once again wear it while taking Instagram-worthy photos, then wear it normally.

#7 Mom Jeans

Conspiracy nuts will say the mom jeans is a conspiracy against fashion lovers to dull their game of fashion. Mom jeans are unfashionable and unflattering for all the ages and all the body types. No actresses or supermodels or fashion vloggers could make it stylish. It’s high time to throw away that hideous thing.

#8 Patchwork Denim

This can give a competition to mom jeans in ugliness. The patchwork denim looks like, the designers wanted to make distressed denim, in midway, they decided against it and tried to cover it by sewing pieces from another denim over it. In this process, the perfectly good denim got ruined. Just say no to this hideous piece of clothing.

#9 Bushy Eyebrows

Just accept it, busy is not pretty. It may look good on runways and movies; but it does not look as attractive as we wish on us. We should bid adieu to this trend in 2017.

#10 Fur Shoes

Why this trend even started in the first place? It destroys furs and shoes too. If you’re in love with furs, wear the far jackets but say no to dreadful fur shoes.

At the end of the day, always remember fashion does not mean to follow the trends blindly. You will look stylish and fashionable when you’re feeling confident. Following any trend is not necessary for looking fabulous. Wear whatever makes you feel good and carry with lots of attitude and you’ll only look good naturally.

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