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November 12, 2016

10 Fascinating Psychological Tricks One Must Try

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Human Mind is fascinating. It controls us and there are times we want get out of its control. There are certain things in life that we just do. We don’t know why we do but unconsciously we do. You have unconsciously experience these 10 psychological tricks but try them next time consciously.

#1 Senses Dependent Recall

This is a simple trick to try with. Watch a movie you have hardly watched while playing a videogame. The very next time whenever you will be watching that movie you will remember about playing that particular game you were playing or it can be even vice versa.

video games

 #2 Detect your stalker

Did you ever have the feeling that someone is watching or stalking you? If yes, then try yawning and then glancing at your suspected stalker. If they are still watching you then they will also yawn and notice at their own move. Since yawning is contagious this trick can be very helpful.

#3 Paternal Advice

People generally tend to avoid whatever advice you try to give them. So whenever you give them any advice tell them that your parents told you this as a kid or advised you to do so in any particular situation. They will automatically take you more seriously and listen more attentively.

#4 Be the first or the last

Most of us only remember the first and the last thing. That is the only clear memory we have. Apart from it whatever is in the middle they all tend to become vague. So even in any interview, try to be the first and the last one to walk through the doors.

#5 Look in the eye when you first meet someone

This is a very common psychological trick. Whenever you first meet someone try to notice their eye color. In this way, you will automatically look into their eyes. People like them more who have a good eye contact rather than those who tend to avoid eye contact.

#6 Social Joke Breaker

If people are laughing at you behave in such a way that you are not even listening to them. After sometimes turn around and say something and ask for forgiveness for not listening what they were saying and ask them to repeat. To your surprise, you will see that they will stop.

#8 Hold your glass with your left hand in parties

Always hold your glass with your left hand in parties. People tend to like those with warm handshakes. Holding the glass with the left will keep your right hand warm and avoid it from getting cold. Also, see that your right hand is not sweaty because this irritates people to a great extent.

#9 Ask small questions

If you want to talk to a person and keep the conversation going keep asking small and simple questions. Long questions might irritate the person. Simple questions will keep the conversation on and the person will tend to feel his/ her responsibility to answer the questions.

#10 Arrive early before time when you meet someone for the first time

When you meet someone for the first time arrive a bit early before time. This not about punctuality or time issues, this will only the make person realize that you are interested and giving them importance.

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