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August 19, 2016

10 Facts That Seem Crazy But Are Actually True

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No matter how much we read and learn; there is no limit. We can always gain knowledge and keep learning – it is a life-long process. Best part about learning is knowing those quirky and random facts that we just can’t believe but they are facts. Click here to learn amazing facts about human body.

#1 Glass Ball

A ball made of glass can bounce higher than the ball made of rubber.

#2 Vending Machine, the serial killer

People killed by sharks are less than the people killed by vending machines.

#3 Immigration Rule

Neil Armstrong had to clear the customs and immigration after returning from the moon.

#4 Founder of match.com

The Founder of match.com lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on match.com – irony or plain and extremely unlucky?

#5 Obese of the sky

A normal cloud weighs nearly 1.1 million pounds.

#6 Lost and Never found

Australia once lost their Prime Minister, Harold Holt and he was never found.

#7 Some heaty matters

In six hours the energy received by the deserts from the sun is equal to the energy consumed by the human in one year.

#8 Now that’s called true love

Most of the penguins are monogamous, they spent most of their years apart.

#9 Strabismus

White tigers are prone to have crossed eye called strabismus.

#10 Hidden Swimming pool

There is a secret swimming pool in the MOJAVE Deserts that anybody who finds it a can use it.

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