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January 28, 2017

10 Important Life Lessons Learnt From Harry Potter Series

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important life lessons- Harry Potter Series

“This boy will be famous…There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name.” Little did J.K.Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series, know that this line will come true one day.

Harry Potter is not just a book series, it has defined a generation. A whole generation of readers read and re-read those books to take back something that shapes their personality. Here’s a list of a few of those life lessons one can learn from Harry Potter.
1. Stand up for what you believe is right

We need to learn to disregard circumstances and stand up and speak up for something we are passionate about.

2. It isn’t who you are, but what you grow up to be.

Our choices define us, and not our abilities. Our future doesn’t depend only upon our past; it mainly depends on how we shape our present.

3. Being weird is not weird.

Everyone is born unique and it makes sense that we celebrate this individuality.

4. Believe in yourself

To be successful, one needs to work hard. But just hard work isn’t enough, one needs to believe in oneself.

5. Appearances can be deceptive

People are never what they seem to be. If a half-giant can be the most loving person ever and a lady dressed in pink loves to torture people, then appearances are not to be trusted.

6. Family isn’t always just blood

Family isn’t always defined by blood, what defines a family is the bond of love. So go ahead and pick your family, like you pick your nose.

7. Value of friendship

Friends are the family you get to pick. When everything seems to be going against you, it is your true friends who will stand with you.

8. Running away from fears does no good

The best of us is revealed only in the times of adversities. If it doesn’t kill you, then it will definitely make you stronger.

9. Love transcends everything

Love is a powerful tool, be it love between husband and wife, brother-sister or friends. Love is what makes life worth living.

10. Magic is real

Maybe the spell-casting magic is not real. But hey!, who says that the magic of friendship, of love, of trust is not real?

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