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May 5, 2016

10 Eccentric yet Mystical Facts about the Aghori Clan that will Blow Your Mind!

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Aghori Baba

The Aghori Clan, commonly known as the Aghoris, or the Aghori Sadhus or the Dhuniwale Baba are the most feared, respected yet utterly mystical and unconventional group of Sadhus in India. They are firm worshipers of Lord Shiva and his female counterpart Maa Kaali. They are perpetually high on weed and believe in having sex with human corpses. That’s not all. Here are 10 peculiar yet interesting facts about the Aghoras.

#1 To get an insight of who the Aghoris really are, it is important to know what they eat. The Aghori Clan are hardcore Cannibalists. They eat raw human meat or sometimes roast them for taste. They consume rotten food, food from the dump, animal feces and animal urine as well. They believe that consuming the in-consumable kills their ego and a deflective perception of beauty.

aghori : facts


#2 Then comes their apparels. A true Aghora would either wear a loin cloth which covers only his bottom or he would wear nothing. Aghoris often smear ashes on their bodies, an attempt to hide their privates. They believe that wearing minimal or no clothes would keep them away from the materialistic greed of the world and they can achieve the state of Nirvana.

facts about aghoris


#3 The Aghori clan believe in legitimate necrophilia. The Aghoris are worshippers of Shiva and his lady counterpart- Maa Kaali. They believe that Kaali demands satisfaction and hence, they conduct the perverted practice of having sex with human corpses. They believe that purity can only be achieved through the filthiest. Maybe this explains their reason for necrophilia and their filthy appetite.

necrophilia in aghoris


#4 The Aghoris maintain that having sex with human corpses gives rise to supernatural powers – which are indefinable. None of the women in the clan are forced to perform these practices, but whenever they do, they should be menstruating during the process.

female aghoris


#5 Aghori Sadhus are experts in Black Magic. They are said to burn the diseases of a plagued person and take it in them. They have enough knowledge of Black Magic to change the forces of the nature but they refrain from doing so since they worship Mother Nature and would not do anything to affect it.

black magic in aghoris


#6 The clan does not have any sort of hatred or contempt in them. But they also believe that profanity would take them towards tranquility and heaven. They curse the people who come to worship them, often throwing feces at them. But that is not what is surprising here. What is surprising is that people consider these thrown feces as ‘prasad’ and some even take it home.

aghori clan


#7 The symbol or sign of a true Aghora is a skull. Every Aghora has a human skull in his hands. The Aghori babas often use the human skull as a bowl to consume food, drinks and also to beg. Not only that, they share their food from the same bowl with dogs and cows believing all of them are one.

aghoris and human skulls


#8 The function of human skull is not only limited to being used as a bowl. Parts of human skull are often used as jewelry by these Aghori Sadhus. They use parts of human body to decorate themselves, and they use the human thigh bone (femur) as a stick or a support as well.

aghoris lifestyle


#9 The Aghoris claim to know the medicines that can cure the most fatal diseases like AIDS and Cancer. The human oils collected from the burning pyre when a person is cremated are said to cure these diseases. However, albeit the shock and surprise, scientists do not have a proof of it since they cannot experiment due to ethical considerations.

fatal diseases: aghoris


#10 Last but not the least, the Aghoris are perpetually high on marijuana and they are never short of it. This may seem as escapism (the reason why the present generation smokes weed) but it’s not. Marijuana helps the Sadhus to concentrate on the arduous meditation practices they have to perform on a daily basis. They might be high all the time but they appear to be extremely serene. Also, the hallucinations that they get from continuous weed is said to be their heightened spiritual experiences.

aghoris and weed


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