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March 8, 2017

10 Delectable Comfort Foods from Kolkata

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Victoria - Kolkata

Kolkata is famous for it arts, culture and heritage. Famous for tongas and Durga Puja, the city is also famous for its colonial architectures and Howrah Bridge. Not much is known about Bengali food except for machi. But there is more than what meets the eye. Bengalis love their food and usually cook food with mustard oil. The city is a paradise for food lovers. On your next trip to Kolkata, try out these authentic delicacies.

Phuchka – Esplanade/Vivekananda Park

Also known as Gol Guppe and Pani Puri, these delicious little balls will taste your buds like never before. These balls are filled with mashed potatoes and tamarind water. Gol Guppe in Kolkata taste much different from Gol Guppe you will have in Delhi or Mumbai. The spice level of the dish can be altered according to your taste bud.

Ghugni – Shyambazar Tram Depo


Ghugni is a very popular street food in Kolkata. It is made with white channa and moodi masala. Moodi masala is culmination of condiments and spices.

Kobiraji – Mitra Cafe

Kobiraji is a famous Bengali delicacy. This mouth watering temptation is prepared using minced meat or fish, bread crumbs, spices and eggs. You will feel on cloud seven after having Mitra Cafe’s Kobiraji.

Jhal Muri – Maidan/Shyambazar

Just like bhel puri, jhal muri is another popular street food that you will find each and every nukkad. Jhal means heat and Muri means puffed rice. Jhal muri is prepared by sauteing muri in mustard oil. Add spices, peanuts and coriander, and you will have an instant snack ready.

Tele bhaja/ fuluri/ aloor chop – Gariahat

These fried little balls are a must have if you are in Kolkata. Combined together with Cha or Jhal Muri, this is a perfect evening snack.

Kochuri and Aloor Dum – Bagbazar

These sinful kochuris served with piping hot aloor dum are must-have. If you love aloo-puri, then you must try this delicacy.

Shorshe Illish – Bhojohori Manna

Innumerable songs and poems have been composed on this delicacy. Shorshe Illish is prepared using Hilsa fish and potatoes.

Kosha Mangsho – Golbari

This hot and steaming gravy is made with mutton, dahi, potatoes in mustard oil. Kosha Mangsho is a fierce and spicy dish and goes really well with steamed rice or parathas.

Mishit doi – Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

After having hot and spicy Bengali food, you have to try Mishti Doi. Doi is made with milk, sugar and yogurt and is left to ferment overnight in an earthen pot.

Rosogolla – Nobin Chandra and sons, Sovabazar

If mishti doi does not entice you, then Rosogolla will. Bengali Rosogollas are an absolute delight. These spongy balls are dipped in sugar syrup and served cold.

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