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October 24, 2016

10 Bizarre Alternative Theories in History

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For every intelligent, logical theory about the world’s history, there’s one that is just strange. Science says human evolved from primates but someone once in a while comes up claiming humans evolved from garbage; just because it seems to explain why we generate so much garbage. Similarly, many such scientifically proven theories have faced an alternative blow in the face over the past years. Here are 10 such bizarre alternative theories in history:

#10 The Garbage Theory

Many bizarre theories of history involve aliens in one way or another. The Garbage Theory suggested by Thomas Gould from Cornell University, states that human evolved from garbage left behind by aliens a long time ago, thus suggesting why humans generate so much garbage. This theory is bizarre as opposed to humans actually evolving from certain primates. Well, gross to think we’d have garbage DNA.

#9 Zoo Hypothesis

Our next alien theory suggests that aliens, not only exist but are also aware of the presence of humans on Earth. It goes to the extent of stating that these “aliens” won’t make contact with us until we reach certain technological, political and ethical standards that mirror theirs! Essentially, we’re like animals in a zoo; if the animals had no idea that they were being watched by thousands of people. Gee. Talk about bizarre.

#8 The Matrix Theory/ Simulation Hypothesis

This theory states that the reality we are living is actually a simulation and we are its simulants. Some scientists have hypothesized that we’re actually part of a computer program and that essentially, humanity itself is one big game of Sims. Great. Now we’re living a life like the folks from the Divergent series who had no idea that they were just experiments. Do you believe all this?

#7 Expanding or Growing Earth Hypothesis

This theory states that the positions and the relative movements of land masses are due to the expansion of the volume and surface area of the earth as opposed to what it really is; tectonic plates. This theory pinpoints that the earth’s mass and “increasing surface gravity” is responsible for the expansion of the planet itself. Believe it or not, this theory was first suggested by Charles Darwin. Hm. Guess he should’ve just stuck to the whole “survival of the fittest” thing.

#6 The Sky is a Ceiling

Ok. How many of you have watched Chicken Little? See what I’m getting at? You probably get the idea here; that the Earth is a giant box we’re living in and the sky is the roof or the upper-most limit of that box. Thank God for the invention of the telescope and space travel; this theory was henceforth, disapproved.

#5 The Hollow Earth Hypothesis

Any normal, educated human being would know that the Earth is not hollow and that it comprises of a layer of soil and minerals leading down to the super-heated core. But some dreamers tend to believe that a “box” is located in the center of the earth….so if you try to dig a hole on the ground you’re going to fall right through into another world! Now Jules Verne called that “fiction” in his book “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Few others called it the “truth”. Never a limit to the imagination eh?

#4 Anunnaki Aliens

Thanks to movies and documentations on History Channels, many people believe that aliens were somehow involved with ancient civilizations; much like in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. But could there really have been an alien race; maybe going by the name of Anunnaki? The Annunaki were Gods in Mesopotamian cultures. But it is said that they were a race of aliens that settled on earth to mine gold! The real question is…why did aliens need gold? :/

#3 The Illuminati Through History

Throw your hands up and grasp if you’ve read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons because you actually know it’s just fiction. But you may be surprised to learn that there once was an actual group considered to be the real Illuminati! While today the term applies to several groups, it specifically refers to the Bavarian Illuminati; a secret society that was founded in 1776. While most people believe that the groups ended in 1790, some people still think that they exist and were responsible for several important historical events, including the French Revolution and the Assassination of JFK. They were, after all, considered infiltrates.

#2 Lemuria and Atlantis

Most people know the story of Atlantis; an island that allegedly submerged into the Atlantic Ocean and was never found. But it is, in fact, a myth; a fantasy and a source of fiction. A place called Lemuria (hypothetical lost island) has a similar story, supposedly because it was a land mass located in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.  The theory of Lemuria was based on the fact that similar fossils were found in India and Madagascar pointing towards the fact that a sunken continent does exist. But unfortunately, there was never any way to prove it hence these assumptions have been dismissed. Well, thank God for fiction for keeping the myths of Lemuria and Atlantis relatively popular!

#1 The Flat Earth Model

Remember when Columbus finally figured out that the Earth is round by taking years out of his calendar of life to circumnavigate it? Oh, and remember when science proved the same by virtue of logistics, statistics, facts and space travel? Well, there are always theories like this one to prove everything wrong! (Sarcasm intended). This model states that the Earth is flat and one can actually sail to the edge and just tip off into the universe. Very Narnia-ish don’t you feel? There are groups such as “The Modern Flat Earthers” who believe that all the pictures that have been “claimed” to be taken from outer space are all “fake”. Pfft. They can keep dreaming; their hypothesis isn’t gonna become a movie anytime soon!

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