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May 21, 2016

10 of The Best Zombies Ever!

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The idea of dead people coming to life to eat the living is an idea used too many times in the entertainment industry to make TV shows and movies. Some attempts have been hugely successful and some have failed miserably.

Here is my list of best Zombie depictions in a movie or a TV series. This list is based on the popularity of the film/show, how realistic the zombies were and also how entertaining the show/film was to it’s audience.

#10 Warm bodies

When in a post zombie apocalypse setting a zombie saves a girl instead of eating her, the two start falling for each other. This is one of the very few movies that fall under the zombie-romance genre.

#9 Shaun of the dead

A guy named Shaun Pegg gets dumped by his girlfriend and his bad-luck doesn’t end there. The day he decides to go get her back, the same day the dead come back to life and terrorizes the city. Armed with a cricket bat, Shaun must save the day. The zombies aren’t that scary in this movie and it doesn’t matter much as this one’s more comedy than action.

#8 Night of the living dead

This one has been re-made in 3d but the 1968 movie was one of the first proper zombie movies. The zombies look more human in this one than in other zombie movies but given that this was made in 1968, this movie is still a rather scary zombie-movie.

#7 iZombie

In this crime-thriller TV series a girl figures out that being a zombie can have it’s perks. It’s the story of a medical resident named Liv who turns into a zombie and takes refuge in a morgue as she has to feed on brains. But it turns out she gets the memories of the dead bodies she consumes.

#6 Zombieland

This movie starring Woody Harrelson,Jesse Eisenberg and Emma stone is about how the most unusual group of four strive to survive in post zombie apocalypse America. The show’s zombies are aggressive and scary but they aren’t anything that would stop Tallahssee (Woody Harrelson) from getting his last Twinkie.

#5 Z Nation

This American horror-comedy series has mean and aggressive zombies and this show has even broadcasted a scene with a zombie baby. One of the well-rated recent zombie shows, Z nation has a good story and reason for the zombie apocalypse, but the zombie depictions are highly CGI based and the cast isn’t a seasoned one.

#4 I am Legend

Will Smith all alone in New York surviving against killer zombies? Yes, it is a recipe for a great movie and I am Legend was one. The zombies in this movie come out only at night and are super aggressive. The only fact that the zombies were completely CGI based is what couldn’t land this one a higher position on the list.

#3 World War Z

The zombies in this Brad Pitt movie are mean, fast and will stop at nothing. They can run, and they can run fast and are even ready to climb over each other to get to their victims. No wonder this movie is quite a thriller and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

#2 The Walking Dead

The TV series lover would have been waiting for this one to arrive on the list. One of the most successful TV shows of all time, The Walking dead is the king of all zombie TV shows. It follows the adventures of Rick Grimes and a group of survivors in a ruthless post zombie-apocalypse scenario. They spend millions on make up and each walker(Zombie) is played by an actor and CGI is only used in action sequences.

The story and the believable but unique concepts behind the whole zombie situation in this series is what makes this one so addictive and popular.

#1 Resident Evil

The Walking Dead maybe amazing but when it comes to the zombie genre, nothing beats this classic. We love watching Milla Jovovic kick zombie asses and her war against the evil Umbrella corporation is just epic. This series has a cult following and the video game franchise on which it is based is also very successful. The zombie genre lover just cannot wait for Resident Evil : The Final chapter to hit the big screens.

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