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February 24, 2017

10 of the best beers and where to find them

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Beer is officially the best hangout drink ever and Beers across the world can vary in taste, colour and composition. This is my list of the best Beers in the world and where to find them.

#10 Corona (Mexico)
Cervecería Modelo is responsible for the creation of this fine Beer. This fine barley-made Beer has made Cervecería Modelo the best brewer in Mexico. Corona is consumed all over the world.

#9 Samuel Adams( USA)
This Beer recipe was created in the 19th century and hit the markets in the 20th century. This Beer from Boston is named after a Boston Tea party figure. This beer is complex as it is bold and is arguably the best mass-market lager in America.

#8 Sapporo (Japan)
This is the first Beer to have been brewed in the beautiful country of Japan and is named after a Japanese city. Its flavor is that of bread and grain and is very refreshing to taste. Though it also has an American version, it’s not nearly as good as the original Japanese one.

#7 Beck’s (Germany)
Made with a selected few ingredients like German sapphire hops, this German Beer has a fruity and smooth taste that would have you ordering a second pint in no time. The Beck Sapphire’s jet black bottle is iconic as well.

#6 Carlsberg (Denmark)
One of the most beers in the world hails from Denmark and Beer lovers in India won’t need an introduction to this one. Carlsberg’s recipe was invented by the company owner’s son in 1904 and the rest, as they say, is history.

#5 Stella Artois(Belgium)
Brewed for the first time in Luven, Belgium as a seasonal Christmas drink, this is one of the best selling beers in the world. This clear and sweet lager is said to be made using superior techniques and it’s color and texture is one to die for.

#4 Pilsner Urquell (Czech republic)
Being the world’s first pilsner, this is the benchmark by which all others are measured. Many have tried to copy its recipe but nothing is as good as the original brew. This beer is distinguished by its clear texture and golden hue.

#3 Newcastle Brown Ale (England)
This one made it’s debut in Newcastle, England in 1927. It’s considered as the beer of the working class in the UK. This beer’s recipe was finalized after three years of experimentation and is the iconic beer of the UK.

#2 Heineken (Netherlands)
This infamous Beer’s success all over the world is phenomenal and deserved because each galleon is made meticulously. They use purified water and other high quality ingredients to produce this award winning beer.

#1 Guiness( Ireland)
First made in 1759, if you ever go on a trip to the UK, you cannot miss this legendary dark beer. Its distinctive flavor is marked by an almost burnt taste that comes from unmalted barley. This beer is known for its amazing brown texture and nitrogen bubbles that make it look breathtaking and obviously, the beer tastes awesome as well.

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