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June 23, 2016

10 Beau Taplin Quotes That’ll Strike A Chord In You

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To quote Robert Frost, “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” That is how you will be left after reading these quotes by Self-Published author Beau Christopher Taplin, causing a stir of emotions within you. Beau Taplin is the guy who gifts us with philosophical thoughts on love by way of his Instagram account on the regular. At 26, his sage words of wisdom would have anyone believe he’s lived a thousand lives over. He beautifully captures the essence of heartbreak, romance and life in the best possible way.

Hookedupon brings to you 10 golden words from the desk of this expressive writer in the form of Beau Taplin Quotes:

#1 That 3 a.m. Craving.

It is probably when you lie down at 3 am that you feel the heaviness in your heart with the memories of that one person haunting you. There are many people out there who can connect themselves with this Beau Taplin quote. He send out a beautiful message to all the broken hearts saying that, “Listen, a rebound isn’t the answer. The solution to a broken heart isn’t finding something else to seal the wound, but falling back in love with your solitary self.”

3 A.M.

#2 Love Is Never Convenient.

One simple line can carry the depth of an ocean, this is clearly understood in Beau Taplin quotes. The lovely description here makes you fall in love. He describes love as neither comfortable nor complacent. In his glorious words, “love is the corrosive that strips your canvas bare and starts all over. So if you are looking for something that will slot seamlessly into your little old life, look elsewhere.”

the picture

#3 Between Loving & Missing.

This amazing quote shows the pain of a broken heart and the fact that despite walking away of the person, you still desire his happiness.

i hope youre happy

#4 Falling Out Of Love.

There can be nothing more painful than watching the person who once loved you beyond everything walking out of love like it meant nothing. It is equivalent to watching them stab you.

the distance

#5 It’s All About The Connection.

Wow!! That was so touching and talks about how the person who has built a wall around herself and who lived for nothing but her dreams has let that one special person enter it and made him a part of her special magical world.

the connection

#6 A Reminder, Just For You.

Haha!! That was well said for it is true that the world starts to appear like a paradise when you look at it with love in your eyes and heart. The happiness in your life, to a large extent, depends on your perception of the world.

the fitspo

#7 A Mere Spark And Everything Is Red.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Little by little the ant makes it’s colony a thousand times it’s size. It’s amazing how something so small can make a colony the size of an average human being. For this teaches you that a small beginning isn’t what it seems to be, rather it’s disguised success. The above philosophy has been best explained by Beau Taplin.


#8 Here’s To Realizing Your Self-Worth.

Sometimes it becomes more important to put yourself and your feeling above others. All that matters is that you know your worth. If they don’t know your worth, realize that it’s okay because they aren’t meant for you anyway. The more beautiful version of the above stated is found in Beau Taplin quotes.

the raw end

#9 Talking, Not Just Speaking.

The beauty of a real conversation has been clearly mentioned in this quote making a powerful statement drawing a line between a deeper conversation and a superficial pep talk.

real talk

#10 Courage, Brave Heart.

Beau Taplin quotes that love is meant for the bravest. It is true that the person who is bravest does not base their love on how much they are getting back. The person who is courageous does not need the validation of another person’s reciprocation in order to love freely. The bravest person simply does what comes most naturally to him or he and that is to LOVE.


fist fight

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