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November 15, 2016

10 Banned TV Commercials That Got Too Creative

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 In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal.

-William Bernbach

The advertising industry truly worships this quote, but in the bid to make it different, some of the advertisers go off the edge developing ads which are socially non-acceptable by the Indian Public and end up inviting more criticism. We bring you 11 tv commercials that have been banned by Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI).

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The irresistible Chocolate Flavor was introduced by AXE in a bold way. Women love chocolates is well-known fact and the company used it as part of its promotions. Instead of eating chocolate, women were shown biting off the AXE – Chocolate Boys’. While this offended most of the viewers; some did give it a naughty thumbs up 😉


With every sip the woman is found to lose some part of her clothing ]and ultimately this happens with the man too. The ad was paired to boost sales but ended up causing a major financial loss.


The commercial which meant to focus on the phone’s  exclusive camera and its functionality was understated and annoyed public.


Virgin Mobile thought that it was a good way to enter Indian Market through IPL. Although the series of Ad didn’t seem offensive, it was banned because the ad criticized different players and teams.


This was one of the most talked advertisement back in the days. The ad had Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre caressing one another, posing nude with a python wrapped around them and wearing only Tuff shoes. The Ad was upheld for its obscenity and also for the illegal use of python as stated under Wildlife Protection Act.


When it comes to deodorants, most of the companies try to sell off with the sexual content. The ZATAK Bhabhi Ad which garnered a lot of controversies and was banned because it violated the Indian Values And Culture was outlawed.

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The slogan of Bisleri was changed from ‘Unadulterated and Safe’ to ‘Play Safe’. The company initiated to put forth on a social message for safe sex however it wasn’t well received by the Indian Audience and was banned.


Lux Cozy commercial showed a woman and male in minimum clothing. The tv commerical was banned on the grounds of indecency, vulgar and suggestive.


The fastrack advertisement featured Virat Kohli as a pilot and the tv commercial was about “why the world moved on to auto-pilot”. The ad welcomed a lot of controversies from few aviation organizations and was banned.

#1 IDEA 3G

Idea’s 3G solution regarding overpopulation was totally off beat. You will have to watch the ad to understand why the tv commercial was banned.

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