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May 18, 2017

10 Awful Celebrity Fashion Lines

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Celebrities are the ubiquitous role models for us human beings. Sure they’re humans too and yadi-yadi-yah, but let’s admit it, their gimmicks and style and fashion are what drives most of us these days. As satisfying and comfortable as wearing clothes from a flea market may feel, nothing beats the feeling of being adorned by clothes from a celebrity clothing line. From there on, we start feeling like Hollywood stars. But you know, it’s true; celebs are humans and so they too make mistakes; big unnecessary mistakes that become trends that we follow.  On that note, here are 10 of an awful celebrity fashion lines to make you realize that even they need a fashion muse sometimes! These celebrities chose brand quantity over product quality!

#1 Kardashian Collection- The Kardashians

The Kardashians are only known too well for the tacky publicizing of their personal lives (Keeping up with the Kardashians). The Kardashians initially teamed up with Sears for a line of everyday clothing; catering to a world of wanna-be celebs. For a family that thrives on its own name, they had to stop somewhere. But since they wouldn’t, the ordinary folk drew the line. Sears finally ended the “all-about-me-fashion line” which was doomed from the start anyways!

#2 Yeezy- Kanye West

As enchanting as his music may be, Kanye is not a fashion guru. He is already known for his arrogant and offensive attitude in the public eye but he took it up a notch when he started his fashion line- Yeezy. For a person who is truly dedicated to his artistry in music, he succeeded in keeping it a 100% real with Yeezy. But the clothing itself is relatively blasé, with only a sharp edge providing the excitement. But let’s face it, the only person to think Yeezy is dope is Kanye himself. Basic clothing is alright, but people don’t want to look like slaves from the Roman era. Sorry for being heartless Kanye, it’s just not strong enough! XP

#3 House of Deréon- Beyoncé and Tina Knowles

Beyoncé and her mom were inspired by the generations of Creole family relatives before themselves, and their sense of dressing and fashion which led them to launch this line in 2006. But it burns me to say that with the passing time, the fashion sense has unfortunately expired. Although Beyoncé’s ultra-awesome music and fame kept the flame aglow for a while, now it just looks like street clothing by Beyoncé. But we don’t need a fashion line from Beyoncé in order for her to win our hearts; we just need her voice and her music!

#4 Vokál- Nelly

Singer Nelly and his buddies were already into their own car trunk clothing line way back in 1999 when Nelly’s first album dropped. Vokál stands for “very organized kids always learning”; a reference to Nelly’s own music crew back in the day. The fashion line grew popular with Nelly’s success in the music industry. However, all good things come to an end at one point! In early 2016, it was found that Vokál’s website hadn’t been updated since 2004, therefore indicating that the production of new age clothing had ceased. Simply put, no one wanted to wear them “apple bottom jeans” anymore!

#5 Miley Cyrus & Max Azria- Miley Cyrus

Launched for Wal-Mart in 2009 in collaboration with Max Azria, Miley’s line mostly featured clothes that were suitable for teenagers. Since this was prior to her “wild child” age, it didn’t linger much on couture fashion or finesse. Miley was still in her “Hannah Montana” phase at that time and so were her clothes. That explains the lack of ambition in combination! However, when Miley started to stick her tongue out and step out of the comfort zone, the popularity of the fashion line plummeted and soon fizzled out. And it probably ceased to exist after one point. After all, all Miley Cyrus dons these days is, well, nothing!

#6 Dollhouse- Paris Hilton

When I think pink, shimmery gold and black leather, 2 people pop into my head: Sharpay from High School Musical and celeb Paris Hilton. Since Sharpay was, in fact, fictional, it’s pretty obvious we’re talking about Paris Hilton. She’s yet another celeb known for intimately publicizing her private life like the Kardashians. And do celebs like her stop there? No, sir. She started Dollhouse as a fashion line inspired by her fans whose style ideas and necessities were merged in such a way that one would look like a real life Barbie doll when they wore the clothes. Paris’ fashion line also had tees that had her face printed on it. Courtesy? Or just pure narcissism? I’ll leave that for you to decide!

#7 Abbey Dawn- Avril Lavigne

There’s street punk. Then there’s Abbey Dawn punk. Inspired by her music, Avril Lavigne came up with this punk rock fashion line which features graffiti inspire clothing with cool catchphrases from her songs. Abbey Dawn was Avril’s pet name when she was a kid and a mighty good on too. But let’s face it. The days of punk are long gone. This style of clothing was just fine when Avril was in her “Complicated” and “Girlfriend” days, but now a more mature artist, Avril seems to have dropped the idea of Abbey Dawn because honestly, the clothing line seems to be caught up between “Alice in Wonderland” punk and “my parents don’t understand the point of my punk boy band posters” punk; which sort of got lost in the sea of other wanna-be celeb brands breeding simultaneously.

#8 LL Cool J for Sears- LL Cool J

This is a result of love and hip hop gone wrong. Cool J’s collection for sears featured retail clothing for kids, juniors, and men and it is a desperate attempt to pay homage to his roots. With a central concept, Sears teamed up with LL Cool J to produce bedazzled hoodies and “I wanna look cool as ever” tees that spelled out the word “lame” in capital letters. Just sayin’. Your parents may never want you to wear those clothes but honestly, won’t be surprised if they themselves owned some. Spill it, mom and dad, before it’s too late! XP

#9 6126- Lindsay Lohan

When you hear the name Lindsay Lohan today, the first things that are going to pop into your mind are booze, plastic surgery, jail and drugs. One of the things (strongly shipping the last one) led her to start her own leggings line called 6126 in 2008. However, the line took a punch when her own distributors sued her citing her alcohol and drug addiction and constant rave arrests to be devaluing to their brand. They ended up seeking 5 million dollars for damage in a counter suit. Well, the leggings weren’t to die for anyway so let’s just say the distributors did the world a favor!

#10 Heidiwood- Heidi Montag

For a while, it seemed Heidi Montag was the least insane of the “Hills” characters. But then Spencer Pratt happened, and we saw her sad, obvious decline unravel before our eyes. In 2008, it struck her that she could start a fashion line. Well, thank God only she had to face the calamity that unfolded once the line was dropped: “Flimsy, panty-line-molesting dresses at nearly 40 bucks? Sure, that’s legit compared to Marc Jacobs, but not far enough removed from what you’d pay at the Gap for something that’s at least 100 percent cotton and unlikely to give you a rash.” She admitted to designing every single piece of clothing herself, to the button itself. But men were they tacky as hell and totally not worth it!

Well, you see folks? Even celebs, no matter how famous or successful or laden with skilled to cover their tracks, falter miserably. When it’s not meant it be, it’s just not meant to be…and that’s what happened with those clothing lines! But we never run out of options eh? 😉

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