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February 13, 2016

10 Astounding Facts About Republican Presidential Candidate – Donald Trump

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Donald Trump inside his Private Jet

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, has been the focal point of many discussions and tweets. His comments have sparked controversies but has got the World interested in upcoming Presidential Elections in United States.

While we all him as successful businessman and owner of several Trump properties, we bet you didn’t know these facts about him.

10. Trump – The Game

Trump released the game in 1989 in which 3-4 players were required to buy and sell real estate. The game was a disaster and under-sold. However, after the success of The Apprentice, the game was revived.

9. Winner of Golden Raspberry Award

We all know Donald Trump is not an actor but did you know he acted in a movie called Ghosts Can’t Do It. The movie and the acting was so bad that Donald Trump received Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor.

8. One Man Show

Trump industries in not just limited to real estate, model management, menswear, fragrance, golf, home furnishings, transportation and vodka. The entire empire had been built by Donald Trump.

7. Dislike for Obama

Trump’s dislike for Obama has been evident ever since he started the “Birther Movement” where he questioned the birth place of the current US president. He even sent investigators to Obama’s native place: Hawaii.

6. Bill Maher Joke

Comedian, Bill Maher, made a joke about Trump being ‘a son of a monkey’ to mock his obsession about Obama’s birth certificate and offered 5 million dollars to Trump if he proved Maher wrong. Trump retorted back by releasing his birth certificate to prove Maher wrong and asked for the money. Maher refused to pay and Trump sued him. Charges were later dropped.

5. O’Brien’s Miscalculation

New York Times’ author, Timothy O’Brien’ was also sued by Trump. In his book, O’Brien had miscalculated the worth of Trump’s assets. The court dismissed the case in 2009.

4. You’re Fired!

One of Donal Trump’s claim to fame is the reality show The Appretince. Trump was the judge and took final decisions. He coined his most famous catchphrase You’re fired! on the show. Apparently, he made $15,000,000 per season.

3. Beauty Pageants

Trump has been the owner of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss teen USA organizations since 1996 which were aired by NBC. After Trump’s controversial comments regarding Mexicans in his 2016 presidential campaign, NBC parted ways with him and has refused to air the pageants

2. Trump as Author

Trump has authored over 50 books and his most sold titles include: The Art of the Deal (1987) and Trump: The best real estate advice (2007). According to Trump, his book The Art of the deal is all time bestseller.

1. Trump’s Private Jet

It’s a well known fact that Trump is an avid flyer and a passionate collector of planes. His private jet includes golden furnishings and 24 carat gold-plated seat belts. The overall worth of the plane is estimated to be around $100,000,000 and is one of the ten most expensive private jets.

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