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April 24, 2017

10 Amazing Life Lessons Captain Jack Sparrow taught us

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Smudged kohl, always saturated by rum, red bandana on braided hair complete with beads and not to forget the golden tooth; this could be none other than the captain of the Black Pearl – Captain Jack Sparrow. Sparrow may seem like just another pirate from the sea, but there’s a lot more to him. There are certainly some precious lessons he gives us which we just cannot afford to miss. So, here are 10 life commandments to wake up the Captain in all of us.

#1 Trust your inner self

No matter how many people you befriend, at the end of the day, all you must do is count on yourself. One needs to trust their own intelligence and intuition. And that’s what Jack does, he believes in himself to the fullest.

#2 You are how you perceive yourself

Even though Jack doesn’t have a boat for a major part of the movie, he introduces himself as Captain Jack Sparrow. It is because he sees himself as a Captain, regardless of his current situation. He shows us that when nobody else gives you respect, give yourself some. This certainly conveys the message that how we perceive ourselves is what we are bound to be.

#3 Aim for the pinnacle

Small goals don’t seem to motivate Jack at all. He believes in aiming high and giving all you have in order to achieve it. When Jack set out to regain command over Black Pearl, he definitely did not set a modest goal. But at the end of it, he achieved what he wanted to.

#4 Keep calm and be like Jack

Like literally, everyone else maybe screaming, dying, fighting or running for their lives, but trust our Jack to calmly and slyly get himself out of the pickle and in on the gold! Which proves yet again that empty vessels make most noise!

#5 You don’t need to offer explanations

Jack could have spent time giving explanations to what he has done, but he doesn’t waste time. Jack here gives us one of the biggest life commandment. People would decide what they want to think about you regardless of what you say or do. So you don’t owe them any explanations. All that matters is self-acceptance of whatever you strive to do.

#6 Stay alive

To Jack, staying alive is much more important than following a set of codes made by someone. He propagates the idea of staying alive and living to the fullest, you never know what the life has in store for us.

#7 Develop your own personal style

A look at Jack and we can always remember him for the outfit that he wears. He has his own style and persona which makes him stand out. One is required to develop their own sense of style because style is essential and life is way too short to copy someone else’s.

#8 Never give up

Persistence and dedication is all one needs. From the time when Black Pearl was seized to the time Jack regained his boat there had been many instances when he could have just given up, but Jack did not and that’s what is highly commendable and something that one can learn from. It shows that no matter what happens in our life all we need to do is never give up and keep striving for the best.

#9 Find what you love, and chase it

Jack had one love in his life, his boat and he’d do anything to get it back. He shows us that if you truly love someone/something, we must never let go of them. That’s the kind of passion rarely found now a days.

#10 Never let that laughter fade away

Humor is very essential in life and Jack never lets go if it. No matter how dreadful the situation, he comes across. He knows how to have a good time and maintains the humor all the time. Now, that’s a life commandment we surely recommend to be adopted.

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